October 26, 2021

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Honda RS-125 NX4{becssg}bikes/honda/96_RS-125{/becssg}

2004 radiator, modified for over-radiator airbox, 2004 fairings (with custom painting), Jhelm shift and brake levers, extended rear-sets, HRC steering damper, lap timer, ai rbox that fits perfectly (made by Carlos Neves), carbon fiber reeds and carbon Kevlar composite silencer. It is very clean and was maintained for about four years by a professional mechanic working in AMA.  Stock engine but it is quite fast; I did a 1:30.00 at Willow Springs on it.  Runs well in all types of weather, always starts right up.  Approx 200 miles on piston, lifetime mileage unknown, but only ridden on track.


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